Hoffman & Swinburne offer design services for real estate developers, investors and homeowners looking to market properties for sale.


Good design builds wealth. Through our years of experience in real estate, we have seen this proven again and again. The difference in value between a well designed home and a poorly maintained one is obvious. Less obvious are the other benefits: well-designed homes sell for more money, of course, but they also sell faster, to more motivated and better-qualified buyers. The opposite applies as well: for a clever buyer with a good design team, an “ugly duckling” of a home may be a hidden gem. In either case, the secret to unlocking the value of a home lies in its design.


Good design doesn’t just add value for the homeowner. It elevates the entire community. Through our work in real estate, we have seen again and again the impact of good design (and, sadly, bad design). You know that house with the brightly painted door? Or the lovely flower box you pass every day? What about the chandelier you admire on your way to the subway? Far from being self-indulgent, a beautiful home is a source of civic pride – it benefits everyone.


Sustainable design is for everyone. We’re not hippies. We’re not perfect. We drive trucks. But we try to limit our footprint with local sources and recycled materials. We believe the best (and least expensive) “green” practices begin with adaptive re-use.


Sweat the details. A copper kettle on the stove. An ebony doorknob. A treasured painting, passed down through generations. Some design choices you make consciously, and some you inherit. We believe people respond on an emotional level to design when it is rich with meaning. When it has a lived-in quality, even when it is brand new. We showcase our clients’ own styles while adding details that enrich their lives every day.


Building equity means building relationships. We introduce our clients to the design/build community we have been working with for decades. We share our sources, contacts and techniques so our clients can feel in control of their own homes. Smart design makes smarter homeowners.






Renovation, Greenport:

"The renovation was extensive...The result is nothing short of fantastic."

Cara Greenberg, Casa Cara


Staging, Brooklyn:

"While it would be difficult to say that Salguero’s photos sold the building, they definitely didn’t hurt — all four units had accepted offers (at asking price or above) within 24 hours. And the photos (as well as custom furniture by Jeremy Pickett) were a big hit."

New York Post

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